Your Coach - About David

As a shy young man, lacking in confidence, I met a teacher who advocated the promotion of self development, self expression and self understanding spoke to me deeply. He championed underlying principles of self belief and positivity, pointing me towards living more fully and courageously. [read more...]

What is life coaching

By talking, challenging, setting goals and acting on them you will go through a process of experience and learning, changing goals as your understanding deepens and as life changes around you, tapping into your fullest potential and creating a life of fulfilment and meaning. [read more...]

Life coaching for you

Potentiality Coaching is about living life more fully. At whatever stage you are in your life, the answers to the questions “Where do I go next?” and “What do I need to do to get there?” lie within and it is the key to regaining and maintaining your vitality, enthusiasm, passion and energy for your life and the people in it. [read more...]

Welcome to Potentiality Coaching…

… begin unleashing more of your life and career potential

I believe that you are full of potential. You have inner greatness that is waiting to flourish once you place it in the right environment to develop and grow.  Release this potential into your life by clarifying your values, taking meaningful action and living with power and integrity. Life is an opportunity to explore that potential, delve deep into your hopes and dreams, discover what you are capable of and realise as much of that potential as possible. The process of realising that potential, the journey of exploring your gifts, talents and skills, is one of uncovering your Potentiality.  The word Potentiality has its roots in the philosophy of Aristotle and relates to potency, potential, capacity, ability, power, capability, strength, possibility and force. To manifest that in your everyday life is the action of Actuality: self- realisation and living your life- purpose. As you focus on the path of uncovering your Potentiality you begin to make daily gains on realising that potential and living a fulfilling life, on- purpose and with meaning.

You may be visiting this site because you:

  • want to develop greater confidence
  • would like support to achieve your goals
  • have a new life direction and you find it challenging to adapt or help others adapt
  • want to rekindle the vitality in your life
  • would like to create a life that is more inspiring and fulfilling for you
  • wish to develop/ improve your health, fitness and well- being
  • feel “lost” or “stuck” and want to get back on track or find a new way

Whatever the reason you have come here, you have made a commitment to take control of your life.  Whatever goals and dreams you have we will work together to uncover your inner resources and wisdom and realise that untapped potential.  Let your inner greatness flourish. Give your journey of discovering your Potentiality real focus, passion and power. Allow your potential to come to the fore and create a life of meaning, fulfillment and purpose.