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376My Journey

I know websites are supposed to have a section about me.  My purpose is about having you realise that you are powerful, resilient and resourceful.  I wish to empower you to access your natural and unique potential, authenticity and inner confidence.

Twenty- five years of martial arts training and teaching have shown me that creating time and space for your self is essential.  It allows you to deeply connect within and tap into your potential, innate power and authenticity. You are so busy, it is important to take time to consider what you truly want.  How you are going to get there and take positive action to achieve it?

Your commitment to coaching is where this starts.

In particular, coaching with a strong connection to embodied principles. Having an awareness of your body is an important part of this journey. Pain, stress, fear and anxiety in the mind show up in the body as tension, ill health and dis- ease.   The body is endlessly feeding back to you its state of being which is a mirror of the mind. Body and mind are inseparable. Awareness of your body grows through working with a blend of Body WisdomTM and CoactiveTM life coaching.  Thus, building your confidence from the inside out. This reflects in your bodily expression of confidence through a feedback loop that promotes a more confident emotional state.

The “Why”

This continues to be my journey.  I apply principles inherent in martial arts with those of coaching to bring greater self- awareness and healing to my life. Facing the challenges and fears in this way has opened up a wonderful new world for me.  As a result, I want to share this with others. This is why I founded Potentiality Coaching.  To connect people to their Body WisdomTM and have it be a reference for self- awareness, growth and development.  It is also a means to accessing their strength, confidence, power and authenticity.

Martial Arts

I had done martial arts on and off for many years as a youth.  It never truly resonated with me.  Although I always felt that there was more.  Until I met a teacher, in 1990, who very quickly became a mentor and role model.  As a shy young man, lacking in confidence, this mentor changed my whole world view.  He advocated self- development, self- expression and self- understanding.

Undermined by self- limiting beliefs from childhood I found this message compelling.  It challenged my belief systems that had held me in fear and anxiety up to this point. It spoke to me deeply.  He championed underlying principles of self- belief and positivity, pointing me towards living more fully and courageously.  He taught the feeling and passion of martial arts that incorporates embodied coaching principles.  Also, he encouraged greater body awareness, self- realisation and emotional resilience that I continue to find invaluable to this day.

As far as I was concerned how could I NOT promote these ideas and share them with the world? When I received my coveted black belt I founded Bushido Cambridge.  I have used the techniques I have learned and developed from life coaching and life experience, as well as martial arts, to encourage people to claim their untapped potential. As well as life coaching I continue to teach martial arts as a means of promoting Body WisdomTM, self- confidence and self- awareness.

Body Wisdom

Coaching with Potentiality Coaching does not involve martial arts training. I simply use concepts and principles from martial arts (I call it Body WisdomTM).  They complement the CoactiveTM coaching techniques I use to promote confidence, authenticity, personal power and well- being. If you are interested in martial arts, contact me and we can discuss the styles I offer. I have also co- authored a book, Nourish the Flame Within, in which the source of our power and potential are explored.  Currently I am writing a follow- on book to be published in 2018.

I feel strongly that we walk this journey together. The reason I share my personal experience with you is in the hope that you choose to work with me because something of what I write resonates with you.  You may feel that I can understand and empathise with your journey, its challenges, fears and doubts. At the same time, I know that you have incredible courage, potential, innate wisdom and passion to create the life you want for yourself.  You can take consistent positive action to make it happen.

The Power lies Within

In my experience, one of the main reasons people do not claim their full potential and personal power is because they have not developed sufficient confidence in the belief that they are capable of achieving their dreams.  If this resonates with you, let’s work together to overcome these barriers.  Why not sign up to the free confidence e- course (available here) and begin to take the first steps towards greater confidence and unleashing your potential. Alternatively, you can contact me here directly and we can discuss how we can move forward and possibly work together.

The qualities, attributes, wisdom and skills are already inside you. You have the insight and the knowledge.  If you do not have the information you have the resourcefulness to find out where to get it and discover the answers for yourself.  This is why life coaching is so powerful- the answers, motivation, direction and purpose come from you. My job is to be playfully curious, to challenge, champion and encourage you to look inward and discover your own truth, potential and meaning.