Martial Arts are how I started the life coaching journey. I did not call it life coaching. That came later. Martial Arts taught me about confidence, self- assurance, values, self- belief and self- limiting beliefs, life purpose, self- awareness, commitment, how to manage personal interactions, self- leadership, leadership of others and authenticity in the context of physical movement. I learned that these lessons could be applied to all areas of my life as well as to myself. Martial Arts are why I use embodied principles in my coaching sessions, because I know the value and power of an integrated connection between body and mind. This is why I continue to teach martial arts and why I am making people aware of Bushido Cambridge who may have initially come to Potentiality Coaching for life coaching. I appreciate this is not for everyone. I want to share this wonderful subject with people because of its grace, beauty and power. Martial Arts with Bushido Cambridge are so much more than the mixed martial arts and cage fighting people associate with martial arts today. It is a journey towards greater self- awareness and confidence, inner strength, perseverance and tenacity, grace, elegance and control. If you would like to be a part of this adventure, please read on………

Bushido Cambridge was founded in 1996 for the purpose of promoting the mind- body connection for greater confidence, self- awareness and authenticity. By learning self- defense and gaining physical fitness and coordination, as well as experiencing your physical, mental and spiritual power through technical knowledge, a well structured syllabus and focus, you will feel your confidence and positivity grow from session one and continue to grow whichever training format you choose. The various training styles are designed to work on an on- going basis, taking you through many levels. Regardless of your previous experience, we will develop your martial skill and confidence to the coveted black belt and beyond. Bushido Cambridge is a national centre recognised by The Bushido Academy of Martial Artists World Governing Body, founded in 1979 by Pete Delane. There are other centres across the country including London, Birmingham, Oxford, Nottingham, Reading and Bristol.

Bushido Club

This is how most people envisage martial arts training, with a large class working together, an instructor at the front and assistants offering additional support. These are drop- in classes. You can see the weekly schedule here. In these sessions there will be as many as 15 students in the room. The emphasis of these classes is to promote confidence, fitness and drill in basic knowledge as a strong foundation for more advanced sessions should you wish to take your training further. This is a great opportunity to learn some fantastic martial arts and self- defense skills, improve your fitness, strength, stamina and coordination and meet like- minded people. If you would like to progress through the grading system, you will be able to do this, though it is optional. These classes are ideal for someone who wants to try martial arts out and see whether they like it. Sessions run for one hour. There is the chance to learn Karate, Aikido, self- defense and Oriental Weapons.

There are also separate Moving Meditation classes for those people wishing to do some light exercise and achieve some mindfulness, relaxation and self- awareness.

Private Lessons

This is the way martial arts would have been taught traditionally. Private, one- on- one lessons, tailored to the needs of the student so that they make fast progress. These sessions might be for someone who wants to:

  • progress quickly through the grades towards black belt
  • focus on a particular area of growth that is challenging
  • be trained one- on- one because they find group classes overwhelming or distracting
  • over- come specific hurdles that are limiting their growth and development
  • have extra sessions before a grading to hone skills and feel better prepared

Much more individual attention can be given to the client in this format, ensuring that more attention is given to areas that require development and at the same time cultivating all the skills necessary to be a great martial artist. These session formats are for people who really want to commit to their martial arts development and make their progression to black belt and beyond a priority.

Advanced Lesson Formats

There are a number of advanced training formats available for private clients and Bushido Club students: evening seminars, day- long workshops and weekend courses on specific subjects throughout the year. Please speak to David if you would like to know about forth- coming events, availability and eligibility.