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If you would like to find out more about Moving Meditation Workshops, life coaching and the VIP programmes available with Potentiality Coaching, please contact David Brown.

As your guide, coach and facilitator, David will create a space for your growth.  It will be challenging, playful, confidential and all about you.  I am here to champion you and take your journey by your side.

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Contact David for more information.  Book a free Sample Session on the phone, by Skype or in person, whichever is most convenient.

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What People Say…..

  • Working with David has been hugely beneficial.  I have accomplished many of my goals, I have reassessed my work and where I want my work to go. I have addressed issues in my personal life.  David has introduced me to great tools both visual and spiritual to help me when I am unsure over decisions and how to move forward.  David has challenged me in many ways.  Sometimes our sessions have been hard work and emotional.  Facing up to problems that was holding me back was awkward and uncomfortable.  These sessions tend to be the most productive.  I have learnt to understand myself more which has had a positive reflection in every other area of my life. Coaching with David has been very worthwhile. I recommend him highly. LT, Oxford
  • “I feel very privileged to have worked with David.  His coaching is elegant and sophisticated in a way that makes challenges feel exciting. I will cherish the support I felt from David during the turbulent decision making that I had to embrace this year.  In true Co-Active style he held me in a place of naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Thank you David.” PS, Leeds
  • “I have found David to be an incredible motivator. He repeatedly finds innovative methods through which to help me make cognitive connections, as well as behavioural shifts, that constantly challenge and develop me, both mentally and physically.  He is totally focussed on the specific goals of the individual.  He continues to inspire via honest feedback, encourage via the use of humour and metaphor- and provide an excellent role model via the discipline that he himself demonstrates.  From my perspective, in my role as a professional coach and trainer, I am continually impressed with the flexibility of David’s approach.  As well as his seemingly infinite patience and creative methods to assist me in achieving my own goals.” GT, Belfast
  • “Having spent a half hour with him on our initial meeting, I began to resonate with David’s style of coaching, realising that I needed to deeply consider my “why” before I could then develop into what I wanted to do.  I realised soon that a solid foundation was needed, and began to explore next how I could get my message across. I am now becoming more involved in a bigger goal than merely having a “successful” life or business, but really have found something I am passionate about, and that I care enough about to spend time doing. Thank you David, and here’s to reaching out to the 6 million!” EG, Linton