What is life coaching

Life Coaching is about taking action. When you act, you want to do so with awareness, purpose and focus.

Life Coaching is so much more than talking about things. Life Coaching is about taking action. When you act, you want to do so with awareness, purpose and focus.  Consequently, you build a life that is in line with your values.  Thus creating a life of greater purpose, meaning and fulfilment.

Mind- Body Connection

To this end, the mind- body connection is vitally important I believe. You are not a mind carried around in your body. Your whole life experience and creation is an interaction of mind and body. How you think affects your body: your health, posture, vitality, confidence, adaptability, relaxation and sense of being comfortable in your own skin. Your body determines your mind- set: are you reactive or proactive, tense or relaxed, confident or anxious, alert or absent, available or preoccupied, vulnerable or guarded, joyful or fearful, self- aware or unaware, fluid and creative or static and set in your ways? By becoming aware of these things you are empowered to choose one over the other.  As a result you move more in line with your values and how you would like to live your life.

You will find that your body is a mirror of your mind.  Your body reflects your deepest values, beliefs, thoughts and mind- sets and whether you live them. Let’s not just use your mind to create the life you want for yourself.   Let’s use your body to learn how to get the most out of life, to increase your self- awareness.  As a result, you can have a better relationship with yourself.  Therefore, you will create more profound connections with family, friends and work colleagues. Let’s work together so that you feel more comfortable in your own skin.  Become more confident, self- assured, relaxed and at ease.  Cultivate self- leadership and the leading of others (if that is what you wish?).  In short, to make life a celebration.

Life Coaching for You

Life Coaching will include developing awareness of mind and body so that you are working on both aspects of yourself. By talking, challenging, setting goals and acting on them you will go through a process of experience and learning.  You will change goals as your understanding deepens and as life changes around you. By developing awareness of your body and how it feels and reacts to events you will be better placed to connect to your authenticity, power and confidence in a growing number of life’s situations.  You will create outcomes that are in line with your values.  Also, you’ll tap into your fullest potential and create a life of fulfillment and meaning.

Results will come quickly. As we start to uncover and unleash your true potential, your goals will be realised.  This impact on your life will be powerful, positive and full of purpose.  I am here to champion you and walk your journey beside you.  Together we can develop your awareness of your personal power and potential.  As well as the barriers you hold on to that may restrict your authenticity and inner confidence.  You will find your self doing things differently, thinking differently and feeling differently about your self and your life.

You probably have questions…..

What is CoactiveTM life coaching?

Coaching is a means of identifying what is most important to you and focusing on taking action to express that more fully and make it a part of your everyday life.

I am continuing to develop my coaching skills with the Coach Training Institute (CTI) in CoactiveTM coaching, which uses self- awareness, creativity and courageous action to evoke transformation in you. The ‘co’ implies connection, curiosity and working as a team. ‘Active’ relates to direction, focus, power and action. Together it’s about taking action to achieve meaningful goals and a more fulfilling life. I also use embodiment skills to deepen that awareness, allowing you greater mindfulness in the moment.

What is the mind- body connection?

The mind and body are inseparable. Together they create a feedback loop that means the mind animates the body and the body animates the mind. You may already be aware of this connection through your life experience. Wouldn’t you like to be able to capitalise on and harness this natural relationship between mind and body and use it to be more confident socially and professionally and feel more comfortable in your own skin, reduce overwhelm, stress and anxiety and as a consequence increase your productivity, creativity and adaptability? You may even wish to use it as part of your strategy in more authentic public speaking (such as talks, presentations, networking, work meetings).

Alongside powerful life coaching techniques using the CoactiveTM model, we will work together and use embodied techniques to improve your mental and physical awareness, allowing you to better prepare for the challenges you face in life and achieve more compelling results that fall in- line with your values and beliefs.

When your life is lived congruently with your values, you experience the sensation of peace and well- being that comes from a life well- lived.

What about confidentiality?

All coaching conversations are confidential and I adhere to the Association for Coaching Code of Ethics and Good Practice.

Do I get a free trial session?

Yes. I offer everyone a free 45-minute sample session by phone or Skype. Email or call to arrange your free trial session.

What if I do not live in Cambridge?

Life Coaching sessions can be conducted by phone or Skype, as well as face to face.  So if you do not live in Cambridge we can still work together.  I have worked with clients across the UK using Skype and phone and found it to be a very effective medium for coaching.  Email or call to discuss the best way to move forward for you. If you sign up to one of the VIP packages, we will arrange to meet near Cambridge at a mutually convenient time and date at a point that is appropriate in your coaching journey.

How often will the sessions be?  How many will I need?

Life Coaching sessions last 45- 60 minutes, although we may sometimes decide to do longer or shorter sessions.

You will benefit most if you allow a couple of weeks between sessions to start putting your new learning into action. You’ll get homework and tasks to ensure this is where the growth and action takes place.

Clients usually sign up for a 3-6 month period, giving you time over 6- 12 sessions to gain clarity, take action and achieve your goals, after which we can decide whether you’d like to stretch your goals even further. If you sign up to one of the VIP packages, the face- to- face sessions will be appropriately spaced to maximise your benefit and take away learning.