Life coaching for you

With clarity of life purpose comes the power to take action and live on purpose

Potentiality Coaching is about living life fully, whatever that might mean to you.

You may be visiting this website because you feel like you want more from life.  If you are on the right track, you may want to get to where you want to be quicker.  Maybe you have achieved many important goals in your life.  You may be looking for more success, greater challenges or even a new direction.

Alternatively, you may be experiencing feeling “lost”, “stuck” and de- motivated, lacking in energy, vitality and confidence.  This may show itself as restlessness or frustration.  That can be challenging for your self, loved ones, friends and work colleagues.

Life Coaching for You

At whatever stage you are in your life, the answers to the questions “Where do I go next?” and “What do I need to do to get there?” lie within.  This is the key to regaining and maintaining your vitality, confidence, passion and energy for your life.  As well as for the people in it.

I have extensive Life- skills coaching training with BSY and CoactiveTM life coaching training with the Coach Training Institute (CTI).  I use skills I have learned and developed over twenty- five years of martial arts training and teaching.  As a result, we can work together to uncover the potential that lies within your heart and soul.  Put what is special and powerful about you to work.  Actively create the life you previously only dared to imagine.

You are going to love the tools and techniques I can show you. Sometimes we’ll simply talk to help discover, uncover and release your potential.  We will use embodiment exercises to bring alive your full potential and power.  Consequently, this will connect you to your Body WisdomTM. Even the way you stand and sit affect your confidence and authenticity. I believe deep inner transformation is a combination of harnessing the power of body and mind.  Not simply to know something but to experience it bodily.  Feel it so that you live with ease, confidence and acceptance. What is most important is that you quickly begin to take great strides forward.  Feel your inner confidence and potential grow and your motivation increase.  Move towards meaningful action.

More than anything,

you want to be challenged and encouraged,

with playful curiosity

to make the experience fulfilling and meaningful.

Who are You?

To ensure that you get the best quality service and results from Potentiality Coaching, it is important to define the ideal client Potentiality Coaching is designed to uniquely serve. If some of what is written on this website resonates with you, then I would imagine there is much that Potentiality Coaching can do to serve you well. If that is the case please e- mail or call and we can discuss things further and find out exactly how Potentiality Coaching can serve you.

You are someone who is motivated to take on the challenges in your life.  Meet them with a sense of integrity and self- respect. You enjoy success in your career and a good quality of life, yet you feel like there is something missing. Is it that you feel you want a deeper purpose? Do you feel like you have lost your way due to career stagnation or relationship difficulties? Are you finding that you lack confidence in important areas of your life? Perhaps even areas in which you used to enjoy a lot of confidence?  Are you experiencing stress, anxiety and even overwhelm and finding it hard to unplug?  As a result, do you find you carry a lot of tension and want to be able to relax?

What are you looking for?

If these questions seem especially relevant to you, perhaps the combination of CoactiveTM coaching and embodiment principles will be the perfect route to you finding:

  • greater confidence
  • ease in your authenticity
  • prolonged relaxation and the resultant increase in creativity, productivity and adaptability
  • new direction and purpose in your personal and professional life

When you come to coaching you want to harness the skills you already have, uncover your untapped potential and innate Body WisdomTM and you want to learn new skills to empower you to delve deeper into your potential and live more fully, with greater fulfillment, meaning and purpose. Embodiment is an on-going process of self- awareness in which you learn the language of the body and what it is telling you.  So that you can improve your quality of life and live on- purpose, in line with your values and with integrity, confidence and authenticity. If you would like your life coaching to empower body and mind, then please call or e- mail here and we can discuss how we can move forward together.