Moving Meditation Courses

Moving Meditation Courses promote relaxation, reduce tension & increase self- confidence

Moving Meditation is an opportunity to promote relaxation, reduce tension and increase self- confidence.  Rather than continue living with stress, discomfort and anxiety, why not make some positive changes?

Awareness of the breath, body and factors that contribute to tension will: improve your health and well- being; increase your creativity and productivity and; deepen your relationship with yourself, others and the world around you.  Specifically, techniques are adapted from Aikido, meditation and life coaching practices.


  • Are you getting to your wit’s end & want to feel more relaxation?
  • Would learning some tools to manage stress and tension in your daily life be useful?
  • Do you feel tired and lacking in vitality and finding it difficult to recharge your batteries?
  • Would you like greater confidence?

Maybe you would like to take some gentle exercise, relax, lose the tension in your body and mind? Perhaps you could benefit from learning some ways to become more relaxed, confident and at peace in your everyday life? If so, this course is for you.

David Brown runs regular 4 week courses introducing concepts of mindfulness, relaxation, meditation and awareness in movement.  One- off workshops are also available.  You can contact David here if you would like to discuss arranging a corporate or local event.

It doesn’t matter how fit you are because you can set your own pace. There are no moves to remember or complex sequences to learn. There is simply the time and space to relax, reconnect with yourself and discover some strategies to carry this sense of confidence & relaxation with you always.

These will include:

  • Breathing exercises- we rarely take a full, deep calm breath in this hectic and busy world. Tension in the body and focusing attention on the external world means that we do not breath with ease.  Therefore we lose the benefit of power, relaxation, presence and confidence that comes with full breath.
  • Awareness exercises- are you aware of how you respond to situations in your life? Do you notice the affect you have on the people around you at work and in your private life? Also, do you consider the impact this has on your health and well- being? Becoming more mindful of these things means you may have greater positive impact on your personal and professional relationships.  Consequently, this will improve your confidence and well- being.
  • Movement exercises- we do not think about the way we move.  As a result, this impacts the way we interact with people, as first and foremost we communicate with our body. How do you communicate non- verbally? What impact does that have on others? How is your body language affecting you and your mindset? Therefore, becoming more aware of the way you stand, move and hold yourself is essential for greater confidence, relaxation and presence.

Managing stress and tension

Furthermore, these exercises create an opportunity for you to gain greater awareness of your potential and power.  So you have the tools to manage stress and tension in your daily life. It is as simple as taking some time to connect to your breath and body.  As a result, feel your innate power, confidence and presence. I think you deserve that.

We understand that exercise is a really important part of our health and well-being. We find ourselves living an increasingly sedentary lifestyle.  Therefore building movement and exercise into our everyday life is essential. We understand the significance of managing stress.  The health benefits of relaxation are significant.  As is the chance to “unplug” from the near constant pressure of modern living . As a result meditation and mindfulness are buzz- words and solutions people are gravitating towards.  Yoga, tai chi and other forms of relaxation, mindfulness and awareness practice are common.

Moving Meditation is a combination of all these practices.  Hence, it incorporates motion and exercise with awareness, mindfulness and relaxation.  These courses create that space in your life that allows you to “unplug” whenever you need to.  Live life with more presence, confidence and joy.

Current Moving Meditation Courses running:

Hemingford Abbots Village Hall, CAMBS: Mondays, 7- 8pm, June 26th to July 17th. Tickets no longer available.

Future Moving Meditation Courses running:

Crowmarsh Village Hall, Wallingford, Oxfordshire: Thursday, 10am- 1pm, September 7th. Tickets are available here.